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What's the difference between Green Life Learning (GLL) and other care providers?

GLL is a place where children can engage in exploration of art, music, language and play as a cohesive and active group while being honored for their individual interests and passions. Teachers help the children maintain an environment of mutual respect and appreciation. GLL curriculum is both emersive and constructive. Activities honor the children's development with open-ended projects and curriculum, engaging circle times, lots of open play and loads of story time.

We celebrate the child's questions about the broadening world around them involving imagination, creativity and play. Projects are process oriented, open ended and inspired by the children's interests. GLL is a place where children can have a safe, fun and nurturing social experience intended to foster confidence and a sense of security in young preschoolers. GLL is a warm, loving environment where children are guided gently, and encouraged to make meaning of their feelings and experiences. Our teachers set a tone of mutual respect and appreciation, so if you think that this would be a great fit for your children, please continue to explore out site.

News: 9/19/2013

Preschool has started!

Our first year of preschool has started and we here at GLL are super excited to see how our kids are going to grow this year. If you have any questions about the program, talk to one of our teachers for all the info you need.
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